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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Taweez For ( Rozi Rozghar Ki Tarakki Ke Liye )

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Taweez ( Rozi Rozghar Ki Tarakki Ke Liye )


Taweez for more food

(1). Increase in Food:

It is the blessing of Allah which is given only by asking him through prayer after every namaz a person should pray for the increase in food besides this, whose income is cease he need incense in his income so for this purpose this tawees is very beneficial. Keep this tawees in your pocket/purse for 41 days. Read this tavees everyday for 41 times after Namaz - e - Fazr (morning) for 41 days. On the 41st day deep the taves in balll of flour (Afta) and put in sea or well. Inshallah soon you with see the benefit.


Taweez for wealth

(2). Increase in wealth:

Removal of poverty is through its own human deeds which is written through God but this can be changed if a person prays to Allah and beg for whatever he has done wrong and from his heart he really sorry for that. Keep this Tavees with him for 4 Month. Read the Tavees for 11 times till 4 months after Namaz – e – Zohar (Afternoon). After keep this Taveez inside the main door entrance. Inshallah very soon your poverty will decrease and there will be ….. in your wealth.

Taweez for Profit in Business

(3). Profit in Business:

Every person has a wish to have a vast & profit his business and for this a person has to path shown by Allah and not go against it and pray. Keep this Taweez in your Business.

Taweez for Unemployers

(4). Unemployment:

A person having no way of income and is in search of job so use this Taweez for 40 days. Read this Taveez for 7 times is Namaz – e – Fajar (morning) between Sunnat and Faraz. Keep the Taweez with you. On the 41st day go near the side of running water and flow the Taveez in the water. Inshallah within 40 days you will get the job some where or the other. If the job some where or the other. If by trying the Taweez for 1 time you don’t get any result try for the second time. Inshallah you will get the result.

Taweez for Shop keepers / Shop holders

(5). Benefit in shop:

If your shop is not running well, less profit, less purchaser, decrease in selling products, so in this situation stick this Taveez on a card-board and hang in your shop. Everyday when you open the shop read this Taweez for 2 times. Keep the duplicate of this Taweez in the locker of your shop. Inshallah your shop will prosper. If any of your enemy has stopped your income in shop through the black magic it is through this Taveez you will benefit. Way of using Taweez – leave the Taveez in water. Morning time when you open the shop read 11 time Durud sharif, 1 time Ital Kursi, 1 time Al-Hamd sharif use this method for seven days on water and sprinkle in all four corners. Inshallah blank magic done by you enemy will be finished and your shop will run every will.

Taweez for increase in Development of Factory

(6). Increase in Development of Factory:

For increase in development and income of factory this, Taveez is very beneficial. From this book remove eight Taveez. Use on Taveez at the time of Tahajud on Thursday dip the Taveez in a glass of water and after Namaz – e – Fajar sprinkle this water on the four corners of your factory. This work should be done for seven Thursdays. On the eighth Thursday after Namaz – e – Asar on Taveez should be stuck on the card board and hang on the wall of the office or in the place where give and take is done. Inshallah your factory will prosper to great heights.

Taweez for Close work to be restart

(7). Close work to be re-start:

For this purpose stick the Taveez on card board and hang in the place of your work. Read this Taveez everyday for 41 days, 111 times. Besides this, dip one Taveez in water and sprinkle the water on place of your work for seven Thursdays. Inshallah your close work will start again.

taweez For employment

(8). For employment:

Any person wishing to be employed and not yet succeeded in getting the job, so the person wishing should read this Taveez everyday 21 times after Namaz-e-Fajar and keep the Taveez along with him as a result of which he will get the job of his own choice.


(9). Giving of debt:

Any person in debt and has no way of giving it so in this situation a person should read this Taveez everyday for 41 days after Namaz-e-Jsha, 33 times. Keep the Taveez in your pocket. Inshallah you will get rid out of debt and there will be peace in your life.

Taweez For Return of your debt

(10). Return of your debt


If you want your debt to be return but the person next is not witting to return but the person next is not willing to return so in such a circumstances a Taveez should be paste on a paper and taken out of urban area and tied on a branch of a tree. Read this Taveez for 7 days and 11 times. Inshallah the person on whom your debt is, will soon return it you and your problem will be solved.


Taweez For Increase in income for giving debt

(11). Increase in income for giving debt:

If any person in debt and is unable to return the debt the person should read this Taveez for 41 days, 121 times. For seven days take one Taveez at a time dip in water and sprinble at the place of your work. Inshallah there will be increase in your income and you will be in position to return your debt.

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