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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Benefits Of Surah Fatah in Ramadan

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Benefits Of Surah Fatah in Ramadan

Benefits Of Surah Fatah in Ramadan

Today We are going to Share With you the  Benefits Of Surah Fatah in Ramadan

Benefits for Particular Days of Ramadan:

If recited during the 3 days preceding the month of Ramadan, it will ward off the strain of fasting for the whole month.

If recited 3 times during the 1st night of Ramadan, Allah’s protection and help will manifest for the year ahead.

These amal are authentic and tested by pious buzurgs ( saints & scholars ) and its allowed by me to recite it, there is no particular permission to reciting.

Agar Ramadaan Ki Pehli Raat Mai Agar Isko 3 Martaba Padhege To In Sha Allah Aanewala Poora Saal Allah Ki Madad Aur Hifazat Milegi.

Afar Ramdaan Ke Suroo Ke 3 Dino Mai Padhege To Poora Ramadaan Aasani Se Guzrega In Sha Allah
Yeh Amal Bade Buzurgo Ka Azmaya Hua Hai.



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